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Val Reich III

Mar 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

As you probably know by now, Val recently passed on following a long illness brought about by far too much smoking and other factors. To my knowledge there was no funeral announcement or internment as his body was donated for medical research. But Val deserves to be remembered.

His father, Val Reich II served in management of the Ernest Holmes Company and befriended my dad when he joined the company following WWII. And when Val III joined the firm, my dad reciprocated by befriending him and likewise, Val III also tucked me under his wing. Val taught me many things about the T & R business and especially about the Ernest Holmes Company. A few of his pearls of wisdom:

• Only order one scrambled egg because short order cooks always scramble two eggs out of habit, so you get the second egg free.

• Don’t work past 10 at night because you’re only borrowing time from the following day.

• Shine and shower every day and keep your demo clean as well.

• When working a race track wrecker, don’t step backwards.

• Call home every night.

Val was a very positive, forward thinking guy. Anything good happening and Val was always in the middle of it. He took charge of Friends of Towing in the early days and gave it the purpose and form that shapes it today. Val was also the very best “friend” within Friends of Towing as he got along with, and spoke well of, everybody including competitors and those who envied him. Val gave a boost to many of us in towing, especially myself for which I shall always be grateful.

Val was my mentor and friend and will always be missed.

Good Night Sir, and Be at Peace