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Updated Move Over Law Map

Feb 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Spotlight

See which states have Slow Down/Move Over Laws at a glance with the updated Move Over Law Map at The map shows states with Move Over Laws that include roadside assistance personnel, states with Move Over Laws that don’t include roadside assistance personnel, and states with no Move Over laws. The map is courtesy of AAA.

“AAA is pleased to support Slow Down and Move Over Laws,” says Doug Mclendon, Director, Roadside Programs and Benefits at AAA. “These laws are created to increase safety for roadside workers and stranded motorists. The law requires motorists to change lanes and slow down to allow room for emergency vehicles and their operators to work safely. If moving to another lane is impossible, motorists must slow down significantly below the posted speed limit.

“Our clubs continue to work with state legislators to seek inclusion of tow trucks with other roadside assistance vehicles so all roadside responders are covered under the provisions of these laws. Today 45 states include tow trucks in their “Move Over” laws, and work continues to get all 50. While the number of states adopting the laws has increased, the risk of incident is constant. There is always a call to action to keep the compliance and awareness of these laws at the forefront of motorists’ minds. AAA is doing its part by informing motorists via media interviews, social media (Twitter/Facebook) and by providing every club with website information on the new laws.”

See the “Links” section at the bottom right corner of this page, or click here to view the updated Move Over Laws Map.