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Undervalued Qualities

Jun 16th, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

When looking for, and interviewing, job candidates, what “undervalued qualities” do you look for?

Here are a few answers from management personnel from Wisconsin companies that were interviewed for Milwaukee BIZTIMES magazine.

Resilience. One company president said that no matter what job you apply for, the candidate needs to persevere in order to achieve the best results. Candidates who demonstrate this ability through their past experiences gives this president the indication that the candidate will work through challenges and not give up.

Humbleness. An executive vice president/general manager says they work in a team environment, and if someone wants to steal the show, all of their work suffers. She also mentioned attentiveness and the ability to really listen to clients and coworkers, and lastly, eagerness – being ready for the next challenge every day.

Having a broad skillset and ability to adapt. This general manager stated that too often, decisions to hire are based on a candidate’s experience and education. He said that while these are important, it’s also valuable to see if the individual will integrate into the culture of the business and be a long-term asset.

Empathy and diplomacy. A chief legal officer said that a candidate who understand others’ perspectives and can negotiate good alternatives is better at identifying and addressing issues long before they become problems.

A sense of humor. Another president said stress can be high and they don’t want to let their people fail, but she stated they would have to have the courage to fail and then the confidence to move forward.

I like the advice from each of the executives. Looking beyond what is written on the resume and checking out other undervalued qualities can just be the ticket to hiring that much needed tow operator, dispatcher, mechanic, etc.