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Two Whole Days

Dec 7th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

For the past couple of years, on the first Monday in December, a friend has invited me to go on a bus-shopping trip to Chicago. The first stop is Macy’s where we have lunch in the famous Walnut Room. Then the bus drops us off on Michigan Avenue, also known as the “Magnificent Mile.” It is the place to “shop until you drop.” Chicago is a beautiful — and windy — city. I enjoy my day away from the office and the time I get to spend with friends.

The trouble with taking a Monday off is that I have to get payroll done beforehand and this year, because the end of the month fell on a Friday, I needed to get my statements done too. So I put in a full day at the shop on Saturday to make sure payroll was done, my books were balanced, and statements were ready to go in the mail.

For the past couple of months, I have been watching my niece on Wednesdays until about three in the afternoon. I usually go to the office afterward to do my bookwork, check emails, etc. This past Wednesday — the same week as my shopping trip — we had plans to go out for the evening so I told my husband I wasn’t going to come into the shop that afternoon.

His response: “You’re taking two whole days off this week?”

At first I thought, “What?”

Then I started laughing. I must really be invaluable — and how dare I take two whole days off work in one week. It didn’t matter that I came into work on a Saturday and put in nine hours to cover for when I would be out. Heaven forbid I would take some time off — let alone two days in one week. How could the business survive without me?

I guess next time I had better fill out a time-off request form and get his approval first.