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Troubleshooting Push Bumpers

May 6th, 2016 | By | Category: Tow Tip

Tow Tip - PushbumpersPush bumpers made specifically for tow trucks are made strongly of thick metal, are much sturdier than other types of bumpers, and almost never develop a problem. Where problems do occur, they tend to be in the joint where the installer mounted the push bumper to the front of the truck’s chassis frame.

A push bumper is a large, heavy piece of equipment. It needs to be welded onto the front of the truck’s chassis frame with more than just a small weld. If the bumper begins to fall off the front of the truck, reattach the bumper with large, wide welds.

Also, welding gussets or reinforcements of thick, flat steel helps to secure push bumpers, as well angle braces to the chassis frame.

See more push bumper tips in the Tow Times May issue Troubleshooting column “Troubleshooting Push Bumpers” by Jon Wickham.