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Troubleshooting During Bed Swaps

Nov 9th, 2018 | By | Category: Tow Tip

There are certain troubleshooting areas recommended when removing a wrecker bed from a chassis to install it on another chassis, says Jon Wickham in the November Tow Times issue Troubleshooting department.

“For example, it’s the best time to check the condition of the sheet-metal pans under the bed,” Wickham says. “No other time allows better access. For instance, the inner fender pans that line the rear wheel wells on a light-duty conventional wrecker are often hard to reach and weld when the bed is in place. On a rollback, inspect the pans that form part of the traveling deck harness and hose track assembly that moves when you operate the deck back and forth on the sub-frame.”

Also, if you plan to replace any of the tow truck’s hydraulic hoses with new ones, the bed swap is the ideal time to do it.

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