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TowSafe Program

Does your company employ 10 or more people?

TowSafe can be a part of your safety program for the low cost of only $19.95 per employee.

TowSafe, more about Tow Times safety program, can help you save money by reducing your insurance losses and employee injuries. Under the TowSafe program, you host monthly safety meetings using the Tow Times Safety Meeting column written by Patrick Gratzianna, who grew up in a Chicago towing company and is currently president of Midwest Fleet Safety Inc.

TowSafe provides your company with:

  • A one-year (12 issues) subscription to Tow Times for every person you enroll
  • A quarterly test based on the previous three months of Tow Times safety columns
  • A quarterly safety poster to display in your break room, garage or driver’s area

For additional information on how our TowSafe program can save your company money, e-mail April at or call 800.308.3745.



TowSafe Materials

Click here to download a TowSafe Safety Presentation. (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint to view)


TowSafe Posters

can be purchased

separately for

only $20.


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Water Safety Safety Intersection Safety Intersection Safety dead-man-walking
Water Safety Safety Intersection Safety Intersection Safety dead-man-walking
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