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TowMate Granted Five-year Extension on FMCSA Exemption

Feb 16th, 2018 | By | Category: Industry News

TowMate has announced that it has been granted another five-year exemption extension on the Federal Motor Carriage Safety Association’s (FMCSA) regulations on tow lights.

“Under the current laws, all lamps must be wired and draw their power from the towing or hauling vehicle,” states a TowMate press release. “The FMCSA grants exemptions after careful analyzation of safety data, and public comment. They have determined that TowMate’s wireless products pose no discernable degradation to road safety and are allowed. All TowMate products will come with a complimentary print out citing exempt status from the regulations, for the drivers using said products. If ever asked for proof, this print out explains it all.”

“This outdated regulation affects the towing and accessories industries heavily It limits the range of products that can be offered,” the release continues, “as well as the way in which those products can function. The law has not changed since 2005 when provisions for battery powered lights were included. Previously TowMate was granted a two-year extension, in 2016. This year it is a five-year extension, with the understanding that the law will be changed at the end of that timespan in 2023.”

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