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Towing Reality TV Shows

Mar 8th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I’ve watched the towing reality TV shows currently on and for the most part I do not find them entertaining. Personally, medications I think for the most part the towers are portrayed as unprofessional, purchase stupid, sickness money-hungry, confrontational and some operate poor equipment.

We’ve all encountered the upset customer. I had a divorced couple come into the office once. The woman who was driving the vehicle was not the owner, so her ex had to come in with proof of ownership. I knew right away by the look on his face he was not happy — and ready to rip his ex’s head and my head off. As I was making out the invoice, he asked me if I watched one of the reality repo TV shows and I answered, “Yes, I’ve seen it.” He then asked if I had customers come in acting like some of that company’s customers. I stopped writing, looked at him and answered, “Yes. Some customers do come in very upset, but not to that extreme.” I think that made him think a little and he calmed down. So, in this instance, the show actually helped me with a not-too-happy vehicle owner.

Not sure if my life in the towing business would qualify for my own reality TV show, but I can tell you there’s never a dull moment in my office. From the woman in a mental health care facility who called 17 times in one day to getting flowers delivered to me from a grateful customer – I never know what to expect when I answer the phone or when my front door opens.

Most towers have stories that would certainly make good episodes for a towing reality TV show. I know we towers all can relate to part of what’s happening on those shows, and it gives us something to talk about, so maybe besides being “entertainment,” the shows might actually provide a teaching moment too.