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Towing Companies Dealing with Results of Frigid Weather

Dec 29th, 2017 | By | Category: Spotlight

Towing companies are in the news as they deal with the fallout of a blast of frigid weather that has swept across the Midwest and northeast United States.

News stories from Montana to Maine describe cars and trucks slipping from roadways covered with ice and snow or disabled due to dead batteries, flat tires or other cold-related issues.

Inundated with calls from temperatures in the single digits, towing operators report days and nights of double the amount of service requests, tows and recoveries.

Their message to the public includes keeping vehicles serviced and maintained (particularly batteries) before freezing weather hits, keep plenty of distance from other vehicles, pack an emergency kit (food, water, blankets, etc.), don’t drive too fast for conditions and slow down or move over for emergency vehicles.