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Towing Companies Battle Extreme Weather to Help Motorists During Polar Vortex

Feb 1st, 2019 | By | Category: Spotlight

Towing companies across the Midwest and Northeast have answered hundreds of calls during the polar vortex that has gripped the area and sent temperatures well below zero and broke decades-old records.

The extreme cold has been blamed for at least 21 deaths and prompted the closings of businesses and schools and the cancellation of thousands of airline flights.

News stories covering the weather event describe towing companies overwhelmed with calls and running at all hours with exhausted crews trying to reach stranded motorists and vehicles stuck on ice and snow-covered roadways after breakdowns, slide-offs and crashes.

Towing operators issued warnings to the motoring public to stay off roadways unless travel is unavoidable, keep vehicles maintained and operated properly in the sub-freezing temperatures, and move over for emergency workers on the roadside.

Temperatures are expected to rebound heading into the weekend.