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Tow Truck Sliced by Train

Dec 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: National News

A tow truck stalled on railroad tracks in Pagedale, order Mo., information pills was struck by a train Wednesday, here December 22. A news report said the truck was sliced in half by a two-car MetroLink train that approached after the tow truck stalled on the tracks at about 6 p.m. At least eight passengers were taken to a hospital, but none received life-threatening injuries, the report said. The tow truck driver had minor injuries.

The driver said his truck stalled well before the train approached, and he tried to push the truck from the tracks. The crash shut down service at the Metro station on St. Charles Rock Road in both directions. The Metro hoped to have service resumed this morning, and will investigate the incident to determine if more could have been done to prevent the crash.