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Tow Truck Operators and Law Enforcement Officers ask Motorists to Slow Down/Move Over

Jan 12th, 2018 | By | Category: Spotlight

Tow truck operators and law enforcement officials are calling for motorists to adhere to Slow Down Move Over laws as roads become hazardous during winter conditions and the need for both groups to be on the roadways increases.

As the calls for vehicles stranded on the roadside or stuck in ditches rises, law enforcement officers and tow truck operators respond to assist, often as heavy traffic travels by. Daily news stories recount incidents of speeding and out-of-control vehicles slamming into police cruisers and tow trucks, as well as officers and towing operators having to jump out of the way of traffic or being clipped by passing vehicles.

A call for Michigan motorists to slow down and move over when they encounter emergency vehicles has been made after the death of tow truck driver Thomas Tripp, 41, who worked for Mike’s Wrecker Service of Saginaw, Mich. Tripp was loading a vehicle onto a car carrier when he was struck by a vehicle driven by amotorist under the influence on Wednesday, January 10.

Especially in winter conditions, officers and tow operators ask motorists to give them space as they respond to crashes and breakdowns.