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Sep 4th, 2015 | By | Category: Tow Dogs

TorchThis is Torch, our Fox Red Labrador and he is the hottest employee at Ned’s H/D Towing Service in Burlington, Mass. Torch’s hobbies include eating, begging, greeting everyone who walks in and, of course, reading Tow Times Magazine.

Torch is the fifth dog to take up employment here at Ned’s over the past 55 years. Mandy, Moose and Bolton were the first Labradors and JD (Junkyard Dog) was our pit bull. All of these dogs have been wonderful to have around over the years and Torch is keeping the tradition alive — from finding the cold spots to lay on the floor to posing on the Joyce lift.

It seems the trucks, equipment and TBA (tires batteries and accessories) are always changing, but the dog always remains the same — loyal and true to the servant who never sleeps: the U.S. Tow Man.

Ned’s H/D Towing Service, Burlington Mass.