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TomTom Business Solutions and SSCS Partner

Sep 13th, 2013 | By | Category: New Products

TomTom Business Solutions and SSCS PartnerTomTom Business Solutions has announced an integration of TomTom WEBFLEET with Service Station Computer Systems (SSCS) Digital Dispatch software product. The integration improves efficiencies by reducing the manually-intensive aspects of dispatching and receiving work orders, eliminates manual-entry errors by drivers and increases visibility into vehicle location and driver behavior.

Integrated together, TomTom WEBFLEET and SSCS’s solution integrate back office software with real-time location information, reducing administrative tasks and opening a real-time window on driver location and status for management improving decision-making including impounds, insurance service, commercial, police-related and motor clubs.

TomTom’s fleet management solution provides visibility into vehicle location and driver behavior and optimizes travel with professional navigation using real-time traffic data and information on commercial vehicle restrictions.

SSCS provides the industry’s only authorized interface to AAA’s D/2000 dispatching system, providing additional opportunities for customers. The new solution from TomTom and SSCS recognizes and processes many of the communications from the D/2000, adding an additional layer of useful integration.

Digital Dispatch allows users to record calls as they come in from motor clubs, police departments, commercial accounts and automotive repair shops. Calls are then dispatched electronically to a driver equipped with the TomTom PRO and the driver can update call status from their device without dispatcher intervention. Calls from AAA appear on the dispatch screen automatically where they can be managed like any other call.

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