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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Apr 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

According to the gold watch given to me in 2000, troche I retired some 12 years ago. But like too many of us in the ‘reker business, patient I had to come back again and again. First I did some consulting and taught a few courses in “Selling Wreckers.” Next, on my own nickel I attended a CTTA show in Reno, where Sam Brewer told me that once the T & R business gets in your blood, you can never retire. Later, I started writing about my life experiences in towing. The highlight of that was my sabbatical spent in helping organize Friends of Towing in the 80s, for this was a group that built bridges between towers and others throughout the country and around the world.

In 1991 at Chicopee, Mass., the late Roger Dines arranged a lobster feast for my Joan but the untimely death of her father took her away to be with her mother in Oregon, thus missing the feast. So, Roger later sent us a crate of live lobsters via overnight air and, following his instructions, we enjoyed a relocated lobster feast, Texas style. To reciprocate, I smoked a beef brisket on my trailer-cooker and overnighted it back to Roger. He called to ask where I “bought” that brisket because he wanted to try that again. Briefly, very briefly, I considered going into the BBQ business, but here in Texas there is a BBQ shack on every corner. Point is, I never would have known Roger or his other friends with STA had it not been for Friends of Towing; or John Rogers in England, or Harry Saehlenou in Los Angeles, Shippey in Australia or 1,746 others around the world.

Today I’m looking forward to having lunch with an old ‘reker friend who happens to be passing through. At one point we worked together, starting each day with a pre-breakfast at the motel, then a real breakfast at Denny’s. And, as we traveled about, we never missed a meal. More than once we had to change our plans when we happened to come across an outstanding café that warranted further inspection. “Eat well and often because the road is long and hard,” we often said.

So here’s to old friends, and yes, Time Flies When You’re Having Fun — and it drags when you’re not.