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Tie Rod Coupler from Steck

Feb 17th, 2012 | By | Category: New Products

Steck Manufacturing Company has upgraded the Tie Rod Coupler (P/N 71470), which allows tow truck drivers and lot drivers to temporarily steer a vehicle that suffered a broken tie rod as part of collision damage.

Now made from tough T6 grade aluminum, the Tire Rod Coupler with dual I-bolt set screws provides a quick temporary steering repair for vehicles with broken tie rods.

Tow truck drivers can properly center the loading of the vehicle (eliminating frustration and the time required to stop the loading process to re-direct the damaged wheel), properly secure the vehicle, and unload the vehicle from rollback wreckers at storage lots. Lot drivers can then drive the damaged vehicle to the frame bench or repair stall for the collision repair.

Tie Rod Coupler I-bolt set screws secure the coupler to the broken tie rod by hand-tightening and/or by locking down the set screws using a small leverage bar.

The Tie Rod Coupler is available for $34.95. Check it out on Steck’s website at or see your Steck dealer.