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They Need Us

Jun 20th, 2014 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri RoskopfIf you don’t think towers have an impact on the economy, think again. I just picked up a copy of a 2014 directory of suppliers to the towing industry. Here are some of the categories listed: advertising/marketing, all types of equipment — from chains and hooks to lights, GPS, lockout tools, safety products, computer software, insurance, motor clubs, associations, credit card processing, equipment finance and leasing and a very long list of wrecker distributors.

The sub-title under the 2014 Supplier Directory reads: “What do you need? You’ll find it all here in our comprehensive listing of industry suppliers.” The suppliers listed in the directory probably paid quite a bit of money to have their company and/or products put out there to attract the next interested buyer. The bottom line is: these companies and suppliers need us just as much as we need them.

For me, I like to see something in print. Then, if an ad for a product or a story interests me, I go online and do a little more research. There, you can compare pricing, specs, where a company is located, etc. My husband pretty much does the same thing. Word of mouth is still, in my opinion, the best advertising. A well-known name and/or product is the first step, but the advertiser also need to consistently deliver a quality and reasonably priced product — that’s what will sell their products over and over.

I look at the list of suppliers differently than the average tower. My interests are not in specs, towing capacity or the cost of LED lights, but I am interested in such things as insurance, financing, computer software and safety products.

I hope these suppliers realize the purchasing power I as a woman have. They need us — women — as buyers and customers, just as much as men. Word to the wise: we have a great deal of purchasing power — just remember who signs the checks!