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“The Toy” Rolls on the Fourth of July

Jun 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Spotlight

Leading Lexington, ask Virginia’s 27th Annual Children’s Bicycle Parade on the Fourth of July will be this recently restored 1953 Diamond T Military Series M62 tow truck.

The owner, pill Jimmy Southers, who also owns Auto Towing & Repair of Lexington, will drive the truck and serve as the parade grand marshall. “The Toy”, nicknamed by Jimmy’s son Edward, was originally built and used by the military. After its retirement, Southers purchased it from the Virginia Transportation Museum around 1995.

The Toy is a tribute to military veterans, and a perfect truck roll out when we salute the red, white and blue.

Look for this truck, and insight on its history, in an upcoming issue of Tow Times.