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The Finish Line Towing Dogs

Dec 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Tow Dogs

Finish Line Towing, Santa Clara, Calif.

Meet the Finish Line Towing Pack! As a continuation of our April 2011 print article, here are more pictures of dogs Jassa, Orion, Bella and Champ hanging out around Santa Clara. Photos are courtesy of Andrea and Dino Tomassi, owners of Finish Line Towing. If you haven’t already, check out our April 2011 issue to catch the whole story on the Finish Line Towing pack, and check back often for more stories and photos of other Tow Dogs. To submit your Tow Dog, email Tara at Also visit out Facebook page,, to see more Tow Dogs there.

In Loving Memory of Jassa, who passed away Feb. 19, 2011, shortly before our article went to print.

Left to right: Jassa, Orion and Champ.

Bella with her Dad and company owner, Dino, Sr.

Bella on guard.

Jassa and Champ napping at the shop.

Jassa and her pups.

Bella sleeping behind dad while he works.

Bella and Dad.

Champ, their house dog.

Jassa in the car.