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The Crabby Bug

Dec 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

There’s a new bug going around – the crabby bug — and I’ve caught it.

I’ve talked to a few fellow towers, and they have it too. Not sure how you get it — could be caused by stress, husbands, employees, customers, end-of-the-year taxes due, children or family (your own and the in-laws.)

I am not sure of the remedy either. Nothing in the drugstore covers all the symptoms: impatience, snappish, stiff neck, rolling of the eyes, irritation at the smallest thing, the leave me alone look … sound familiar?

I have been given some suggestions and helpful advice: chocolate, a vacation, a day or a weekend away, a beverage or two, slamming a door … they all sound good, and it couldn’t hurt to try them all, right?

I’m also not sure why the crabby bug has hit me so hard. I guess it’s not just one thing but a lot of things rolled together. Every day we’re surrounded with negativity and tragedy. How can we not get caught up in it and complain, grumble and be … crabby?

I did get some relief the other day — a big thank you from a customer, a hug from my 15-month-old niece, a green light when I was running late, and an unexpected phone call from an old friend.

Every day brings new challenges, but it also brings new beginnings. Let’s begin 2013 with a healthy mind, body and spirit — so we don’t catch that nasty crabby bug.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2013.