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Teach and Preach

Nov 29th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack Schrock As we all know, cost T & R is, information pills for the most part, viagra dosage a self-regulated industry. Unlike our British cousins, a young driver only needs a worn-out 440 and the will to go into business and it’s done. And with that accomplished, he can even get on the city/county rotation list, at least in most jurisdictions. So, hooray for the freedom to improve yourself, if that be your desire. But, this deserves a closer look.

First, has this former driver (or baker or mechanic or whatever) brought added value to T & R? Next, does he have a business plan directed toward long-term success? Finally, does he know the difference between cash on hand and profit as shown on his balance sheet? Most experts agree that it takes at least five years of hard work and sacrifice to make a go of any new business. Does driving a tow truck, baking bread or twisting wrenches provide the necessary training to make this successful journey?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions, then stay where you are and leave T & R to others because they have made the journey to success. But, new start-ups degrade T & R through price cutting, sub-standard equipment, procedures and training. The result is more damage to customer’s vehicles along with T & R’s reputation in general. (Ever notice that the media portrays us all as junkyard dogs and wonder why?)

As an industry we’ve done a good job of training operators in both recovery and towing. However, starting and growing a T & R business to suit your needs and then developing a business plan that assures long term success are topics that need to be taught and practiced.

It’s time to do more.