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TDLR’s Website Redesign

Feb 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Features

TDLR’s web site is getting a new look and a new approach. We heard your

call for improvements to the web site and have incorporated a lot of those

into the redesign. For example we’ve put the features that most visitors

are interested in – licensing, renewals, license searches, etc. –

prominently on the main page as well as on the internal pages of the site.

In addition to the site search feature, we’ve also placed links to TDLR’s

Facebook and Twitter pages at the top of every page for easy access. We

hope that visitors will use these social media links for quick updates on

TDLR news.

We’ve made other basic improvements, like simplifying the layout and making

it easier to use. Along with our Plain Talk Initiative, we’re trying to make

the content clearer, more accessible and easier to understand.

The new look will be previewed during the week of February 16-22, and is

scheduled to go live February 23. We invite you to take a look around and

explore TDLR’s new web site at

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Source: Texas Towing and Storage Association