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Jul 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

A few years back, discount two of us taught marketing and sales of towing and recovery equipment. One of the points we consistently made was that the salesman’s desk was his/her worst enemy. The excuses are many, but here are a few:

First, I’m staying inside where it’s air conditioned. Second, it’s close to the bathroom, and third, I have a place for pictures of my dog Fido and my bass boat. Many times we heard the statement: ”I can’t leave because I’m waiting on a call back.”

Now let’s talk about towers and their “break rooms.” For far too many, it’s the place they go to rest between calls, read a magazine, grab 40 winks or call their girlfriend. Given some of the stuff I see floating around on the internet, it seems to me that too many towers are spending too much time “waiting on the next call.” If success is in your game plan, everybody on your team must be a salesman first and a tower second because success just doesn’t happen, we make it happen.

I have a buddy who has only two small wreckers. When he and his driver leave their office in the morning they are usually gone for the day. When they are not responding to T & R calls they are calling on prospective new customers or revisiting old ones.

Turn your down time into productive time by making sales calls. Only in that way can you establish a repeat clientele without which you’re starting anew every day which means you are constantly competing with all the newbies who are trying to get a toehold by cutting price.

And Mr. Tow Boss, to really make this work why not pay $$ bonuses to your drivers when they make repeat tow calls to the same customer? Oh yes, give that satisfied customer a few $$ when he/she makes a referral that results in a new call. That’s what sustains and grows any business.