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Supporting, Not Competing, for the Top

Apr 23rd, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I like watching the Food Network, especially re-runs of the show Iron Chef. The show features known chefs who are given a basket of different food items — many I have never even heard of — to create an appetizer, entrée and dessert. There are three judges on the panel and after each round one chef is “chopped” from that round. In the final dessert round, the winner is given a cash prize.

So, why am I bringing up cooking? No, it’s not because I inspire to be a chef. With the long hours I put in working, fast and easy is my recipe. I’m writing about cooking because of an article in a local magazine titled, “Supporting, not competing, for the top.”

The article featured two Milwaukee-based chefs who are representing the state and competing for the James Beard Best Chef award. One of the chefs stated, “Achieving this national recognition and a nomination brings peer validation, media attention, and, of course, more patronage. After all, the awards are widely known as the Oscars of the food and beverage world.”

While it’s impressive to have two chefs from a small city like Milwaukee as finalists, what I really liked about the article was their philosophy. They said the nomination is not about themselves, but about the support of their families and staff and having one of the best restaurants in the United States.

The chefs said there is no competition between them, and both are rooting for each other. The competition is to collaborate and support each other. As one put it, “It’s not a competition thing and I don’t think it even needs to be because there are enough diners to support all of the great restaurants in this city.”

I think the towing and recovery industry can take some tips from these chefs. Even though they’re competing against each other to be the top winner, supporting each other will be best for them, their restaurants and the city. The same goes for our industry, where working together as a team can bring success for everyone.