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Sep 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Over the years I’ve noticed very successful towers in communities where there were also many unsuccessful towers. I’ve taken note of what makes a tower successful. Yes he must have the right equipment, online but he also needs a winning business model or strategy, clinic and this is where the skill factor comes in because it can vary from one market to another.

Advertising “cheap tows” really only attracts those customers who are focused on price. And, ed guess what? There is always somebody who can and will tow for less, so you end up competing with businesses that are in the process of going broke. There’s a better way.

First, treat everyone you come into contact with as a prospective customer. Individually, hand them a business card and ask for their business. Publicly, drive a clean, modern wrecker with your name and phone number highly visible. Do a public service call now and then, especially if you’ve got the free time to change a tire or pour in a gallon of gas when you pass a disabled motorist. Now you’re a knight in shining armor when you hand the customer your card and ask for their business — and you can bet that they will tell others about their experience.

And when the phone rings with a tow call, give them a realistic estimate of your time of arrival and beat it if you possibly can. When you show up, pay more attention to the actual person than the inoperative vehicle, because it is the former that will pay your bill and perhaps call you later.

On a hot afternoon, invite the customer to sit in your clean wrecker with the AC running and a bottle of water while you get their vehicle on your wheel-lift or whatever.

Again, when the job is done, thank them for the opportunity to be of service and give them a card separate from your invoice and ask them to give you a favorable reference to friends and family — and they will.

You will soon expand into the commercial sector with the same level of service and guess what? You now have repeat customers who will pay a fair price for your superior service.