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Aug 15th, 2014 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockAt the C-store the other day I bumped into a tower I’ll call Leroy. He hadn’t shaved or changed clothes in the last six weeks and his “uniform” consisted of torn and dirty blue jeans, viagra 60mg a ragged shirt that was hanging out and a pair of heeled over boots. His hands looked like they had been modified by a meat grinder and half his front teeth were missing. But there was indeed a redeeming quality about Leroy — when he pulled out a roll of bills from his pocket to pay for his cigarettes. The attendant paused as if to say “is this drug money” but didn’t. And Leroy was proud of this wad of bills because that was his mark of success.

Outside was his “reker” which looked more like a traveling trash heap than a modern tow truck. The engine was running (missing now and then) I assume because it wouldn’t start again if he turned it off. The tires were bare and several of his lights were knocked out. Yes, there was a tow sling on the back (of sorts) but it was homemade and powered by what appeared to be an electric winch. Everybody could hear his radio blaring because he had a speaker mounted on the hood. It was obviously tuned to the local police frequency and Leroy was anxiously waiting on his next T & R “opportunity.” Leroy doesn’t do any repeat business because he literally scalps every customer that comes his way. And he doesn’t have a set of financials, just a wad of one dollar bills in his pocket.

I once had a captain of a major highway patrol system tell me how well first responders worked together and were equipped. That is, everybody but the tower because under the rotation system there was the good, the bad and the ugly and most were bad and ugly. According to the officer, too many towers didn’t make the scene on time and when they did they often lacked the proper equipment to do the job. The tower worked alone instead of as a team member and as a result delayed progress.

Know this guy? He’s the face of towing and recovery for many and the counterweight to our success. Know this guy? Even if you don’t, the public does, and they don’t like him or what he stands for.