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South Carolina County Discusses Towing Fee Caps, Postpones Final Decision to Next Month

Apr 5th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

The Beaufort County, approved South Carolina, Council Committee discussed proposed tow truck regulations Monday, April 4, but delayed action until next month to seek more input from parties involved, according to a news report.

At a Feb. 7 committee meeting about a dozen tow truck drivers and owners attended to comment on the proposed ordinance, but no industry representatives were present at yesterday’s meeting, the report states, causing council members to postpone their decisions until May 2, in part to solicit more feedback.

The proposal includes fee caps including $200 for a tow with a light- or medium-duty truck that lasts one hour or less, a $125 maximum hourly rate after the first hour, $75 for a “no-tow,” where the vehicle owner returns before the vehicle is towed, and $30 per day max for storage fees after the first 12 hours.

Councilman Jerry Stewart, chairman of the Governmental Committee, advised against capping rates on tows that require heavy-duty trucks.

The committee also discussed two additions to the proposed ordinance. Councilman Rick Caporale proposed towing companies not be allowed to use immobilizing wheel boots unless specifically directed to by officials, and councilmen also agreed that if security personnel in a gated community calls for a car to be towed, then those security officers should remain on the scene until the tow is completed, according to the news report.

The two additional proposals stem from a violent confrontation involving a wheel boot between a tow truck driver and a resident on Christmas Eve of 2010, ending with the resident being shot and killed, the report states.