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Snap-on Launches “Snap-on Stickers” Photo App

Oct 19th, 2018 | By | Category: New Products

Tool enthusiasts looking to digitally share their Snap-on loyalty can now enhance text messages and photos with a variety of branded stickers from the “Snap-on Stickers” app available for iOS devices on iTunes and Android devices on Google Play.

The initial launch pack contains 20 stickers – 14 animated and six static – for a range of uses in text conversations. Created for franchisees, technicians and other Snap-on fans, this set of stickers spans every possible #mood from “On my way!” to “You can fix it!” Upon downloading the app, users can easily send stickers within mobile messaging and edit photos. There’s also an option to enable the app as one of your favorite embedded keyboards.

“We know that Snap-on brand loyalty is evident with both our franchisees, who love to deck their trucks out in Snap-on gear, and technicians, who proudly affix the Snap-on name in a myriad of shop applications,” said Yvette Morrison, vice president of marketing for Snap-on Tools Group. “Every day we find ourselves thankful for our fans and their unwavering zeal. As the digital media landscape continues to expand, this app is an opportunity to insert a unique communication platform right in the hands of our users.”

Morrison went on to note that stickers are an increasingly popular way to communicate and imagery is more quickly consumed than text, sometimes more aptly conveying emotion. Branded stickers inspire a sense of shared community and provide fun, engaging content for consumers.

Snap-on partnered with Bare Tree Media to illustrate and animate the stickers, and develop the app based on its trusted sticker-photo-keyboard platform. The stickers feature various tool and shop scenes with brand slogans and popular catchphrases. “Go Looooooooong” shows a long-neck ratchet, while another that says “get a grip” demonstrates a pair of pliers maneuvering a heat-treated wire. A technician slides out from under a vehicle on a creeper in a sticker indicating “I’m busy,” and a diagnostic screen flashes with the words “Know-It-All” to indicate electronic troubleshooting. Other stickers celebrate iconic symbols such as the Snap-on “S,” a rolling tool storage cabinet reading “Mr. Big,” and a Flank Drive® wrench. Additional packs are planned for future updates, including holiday stickers.

Download the free Snap-on Stickers app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Learn more about Snap-on tools by visiting