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Small Business Versus Big Business

Oct 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I consider my towing business to be a small business. The Small Business Administration has several formulas or guidelines to determine this — from who owns the company, stomach the number of employees you have, advice the profession you are in to the annual receipts of sales, assets and net profits.

As a small business owner, it can become quite complicated to figure out where you stand with regard to taxes, health care and insurance — and where you fit in the “statistics.” I find myself shaking my head when I hear by definition of “small business,” I fall in the same category as Donald Trump’s empire. To me, his is definitely “big business.”

Regardless of the number of employees you employ, the number of tow trucks you run, or the amount of money you make, we all face the challenges of keeping our companies moving forward.

It is the dream of most business owners to start a small business and grow — maybe not by definition into a “big business,” but certainly a bigger business.

The towing industry is, in itself, “big business.” Let’s not forget all the small companies that make it so.

Move over Donald Trump.