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Feb 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Tow Dogs

Sissy came into our lives seven years ago as a rambunctious stray puppy that we didn’t “think” we needed. We now tell our adult sons that she is the daughter we always wanted. She began going on calls about five years ago and hasn’t stopped since. When the phone rings she is ready to go, day or night. Makes you wish she could drive a truck.

She has snuggled numerous customers and most enjoy her warm personality. She always assumes everyone will like her. If she doesn’t get to go on the call she will sit for hours and watch out the window waiting for her “Daddy” to get back.

On her days off she enjoys riding through the local park and barking at the ducks and squirrels. Arthritis has set in and at times she has to be lifted into the big trucks but she doesn’t care. She loves her life and plans to log many more miles as a Tow Dog.

Jerry and Rebecca Thomas

Thomas Towing & Recovery LLC

Monett, Mo.