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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Feb 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I was paging through a catalog of safety identification solutions and saw the headline: “A giant selection of signs, tags and labels.” The catalog advertised that you could customize your order as well, and they even put gold stars beside their best sellers.

Attention. Mandatory. No Entry. No Smoking. Caution — Watch Your Step. Caution –¬ Use Handrail. Caution — Slippery When Wet. Danger — Authorized Personnel Only. Danger — Hazardous Area Keep Out. Caution — Hot. Warning — Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out. Fragile. Stop. Safety First. Notice — This is Not an Entrance. Notice — No Admittance.

The list goes on … 100 pages worth.

I’m all for safety. In today’s world you must take that extra step toward safety, but I was blown away by all of the products you can purchase to remind, warn and educate. I guess it’s the reality of the steps you have to take to cover your you-know-what.

The catalog totally reminded me of the song lyrics: “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign,” and while we’re bombarded daily with signs to help keep us safe, we do need to add something more important: common sense.

Think safety first. Safety starts with you.

Personally, I like this personalized sign:

Geri’s Parking Only

Violators Towed Away at Vehicle Owner’s Expense