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Side Recovery Guide 2

Jul 8th, 2010 | By | Category: New Products

The Side Recovery Guide from Bailey’s Towing Accessories, Inc. is designed to fit car carriers with removable rails or stake side pockets. The Side Recovery Guide 2 is designed to fit car carriers with rails. They can be positioned anywhere along either side of the bed. The workable area is almost the complete radius of the truck instead of directly behind the truck or an angle off the rear of the bed, which is hazardous to pivot points.

  • Safety — cable is secured within the fairlead, eliminating possible injury or damage
  • Minimize lane closures — help protect operators and equipment from traffic
  • Economical — more cost effective compared to a factory side pull installation
  • Versatile — any carrier becomes side-pull capable
  • Lightweight — stores easily, it is portable and quickly installed
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Protects truck bed and cable from damage and abrasion

No modifications to the truck or bed are required. The Side Recovery Guide and Side Recovery Guide 2 fits major manufactures’ carriers. Contact Bailey’s Towing Accessories, Inc. at 919-562-2984. Visit