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Saving Lives

Dec 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockEvery month one or more towers are killed in the line of duty. The most familiar scenario is working alongside a freeway or busy highway to retrieve or load a casualty. Having been caught in this situation I can appreciate the need to keep one eye on the oncoming traffic and the other on your work. But, drug this is sometimes difficult to do, seek especially when personal injuries are involved.

In a perfect world, viagra approved law enforcement would be there both slowing and redirecting traffic to another lane. But, this is not a perfect world, and oftentimes there are more calls than cops to go around so …

What if we could accurately define “hazardous” conditions and then lobby for a mandatory “safety assistant” to flag traffic and keep a watchful eye out for that errant driver that will follow the flashing lights to the casualty? Yes, I know labor costs and hours of service are already important issues but how can we place a value on a life crippled or lost?

Not only do we work in an imperfect world, ours is a dangerous world when working alongside a high-speed highway and something needs to be done to protect the tower, especially the one who is working alone. The situation gets even more dicey during periods of reduced visibility.

The industry needs to have a serious discussion on this and the best place to start is your state towing association, because the life you save could be your own.