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San Bernardino Delays City-run Impound Yard Consideration to 2011

Sep 21st, 2010 | By | Category: National News

The City of San Bernardino, search California, and has delayed further consideration of a proposal to operate its own impound yard until 2011, look a news report said. City council members voted on Monday, September 20, to table discussion of the impound yard until the council’s first meeting in January. The city-run impound yard is one of several proposals to raise city revenue, according to the report, and is backed by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association. Police administrators estimate the impound yard would net approximately $426,000 in the first six months of operation and about $1 million in a year.

Local towing companies and the San Bernardino Area Chamber of Commerce have voiced opposition to the plan, saying it will enable a city agency to take revenue from private companies. Because a legal issue surfaced in August, the council has held off on making a decision on the proposal, the report said.

The impound yard will only store 30-day police impounds, the report said. The city currently collects approximately $380,000 per year in franchise fees from the six tow companies under contract with the city. If the city-run impound yard is approved, these fees would be reduced to help compensate contracted towing companies for reduced revenue, the report said.