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Roadside Safety When Arriving On-Scene

Nov 10th, 2017 | By | Category: Tow Tip

Many roadside incidents involve loading a vehicle onto a car carrier as the operator stands on the fog line or on the roadway using the driver’s-side controls. Stay away from the traffic side. Plan your hook-up to minimize the time you’re on the truck’s traffic side.

When you arrive on scene, activate the disabled vehicle’s tail lights or hazard flashers or place your tow lights on the vehicle with the hazard lights activated to alert oncoming drivers that there is a stalled vehicle. Place traffic cones beside your truck to warn oncoming vehicles that they are approaching a work zone. Your cones should be 28 inches tall with two retroreflective stripes. People are somewhat conditioned to traffic cones as being a “barrier” and tend to move away from them.

For more roadside safety information, see the Tow Times November issue article “Be Proactive for Safety” by Peter Fuerst.