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Right Approach Option for Century 12 Series LCG™ Carriers

Sep 21st, 2012 | By | Category: New Products

Century has introduced a Right Approach option to their patented 12 Series LCG™ carriers. The Right Approach allows the hinged rear tail section to be lowered to a six-degree angle for low-clearance and exotic cars. With the lower deck height of the LCG™carrier, case the second approach angle is also reduced, allowing the vehicle to be winched completely up the bed, or the bed can be lowered to provide a straight-on approach to further increase clearance.

With the bed forward, the Right Approach/LCG™ rear deck is secured by a secondary set of bed locks that eliminate the need for manual pins or plungers. The Right Approach/LCG™ is also available with the side mount winch option that allows the operator to adjust the winch line to achieve a straight pull on a vehicle’s tow eye.

For more information visit or your local Century distributor.