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Research Before You Need a Towing Company

Jun 2nd, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I was on a website for a well-known company that lists and recommends companies that consumers can trust for services from home-improvements to pet care. What I found interesting were the articles on towing. The articles were titled, “tips to avoid tow truck rip-offs in the snow,” “have a plan before you have a car accident” and “hiring the right tow truck after a car accident or breakdown.”

The main theme of each of these articles was to “learn why it’s important to research a towing company before you need one.”  Great advice, right? Unfortunately, I don’t think researching towing companies is on the “to do” list of the average driver. With the internet, it’s much easier today  to do research on any towing and recovery company but I don’t think this is something people research before they need a tow truck in an emergency. Doing research on a towing company when you find that your battery is dead and your car is in the garage is a little different.

For the most part, the advice given in each article was good  —  make sure the towing company has a good reputation, find out the  experiences of other customers and check to see that the towing company is licensed and insured. But some verbiage I was not too happy about. Some examples: “some shady tow truck drivers may try to profit from misfortune” and “insist on both an invoice and a copy of your receipt to ensure you’re billed for authorized charges only.”

The articles were compiled to inform the consumer and if that information can educate them — the good with the bad — that’s a good thing. I think the best advice given was: “If you find yourself needing to hire a towing company, make sure to do your research. Taking a few minutes to research the best options and saving those contacts on your phone can make a tough time go a little more smoothly.”