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Feb 5th, 2016 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockYears back the original John Hawkins asked me to help a new start up business that had an interesting new product. Their firm name is immaterial but they had a talented group that had developed a new “gizmo” for T & R. Within the first week it became obvious that they remained in the start-up phase, constantly tinkering with the design to the point that every one they produced was yet another prototype. But they had visions of growing into new T & R products even before perfecting their current product offering. I hustled up some business for them which they wouldn’t produce because they were too comfortable in their current circumstances, so they had to find another firm to fill the orders on their behalf.

I’ve seen this pattern in T & R again and again since and I call it “playing at doing business” as though it was some sort of research project. If you want to be successful in T & R, find yourself a market niche, offer a superior product and you will succeed. And, success is being able to sustain your business over time while paying your bills and making some profit along the way. And just where is that niche? It is in a segment that is being underserved.