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Proposed Colorado “Allen Rose” bill to go Before Senate Committee Today

Apr 27th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

The “Allen Rose” bill, about it originally proposed in early March by Senate Majority Leader John Morse, prescription is moving forward as tow truck drivers and Rose’s widow head to the Colorado Capital to sit in on the Colorado Senate committee’s hearing of the bill this afternoon, according to a news report.

Tow truck drivers want to see lawmakers pass a Senate bill that would require tow truck drivers to affix large stickers to drivers’ windows alerting them that the vehicle is being towed, the report states. The driver who killed 35-year-old Allen Rose in late February told police she didn’t know Rose was towing her vehicle.

The bill also creates a new misdemeanor of assaulting a tow truck operator trying to tow a car. Drivers say they are sometimes attacked by angry drivers and need more protection, according to the report. And, the bill would require passing drivers to give tow trucks wider berth.