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Expanded Line of Computer-controlled PowerSafe™ Jumper Cable Systems

Mar 24th, 2011 | By | Category: New Products

The expanded Line of Computer-controlled PowerSafe™ Jumper Cable Systems now offers tow and service vehicles the right connection. Energy Safe Technologies, more about Inc. announces that it has expanded its line of computer-controlled PowerSafe™ Jumper Cable Systems to include a suite of 25-foot professional-grade cables that fit the connectors used on many tow and service trucks.

The PowerSafe Jump Start Systems offer tow and service operators the world’s first jumper cables to incorporate a computerized control module that prevents the surges, search short circuits, and spark-induced explosions that can occur when a vehicle is jump-started. AAA Oregon/Idaho was the first to outfit its battery-service fleet in Portland with the PowerSafe Jump Start System.

“By adding cable configurations with SB175 connectors in red or grey, as well as a red Associated connector, to our line of revolutionary PowerSafe Jumper Cables, the many commercial vehicles that have connectors from different manufacturers can also now benefit from surge protection that’s not available with conventional cables,” says Glenn Spacht, Energy Safe’s Vice President of Sales.

The PowerSafe Jump Start System increases/decreases the current flowing through the cables during a jump-start, preventing surges that can cause extensive damage to on-board electronics. With conventional jumper cables, these surges can occur even if the cables have been hooked up properly. In addition to controlling surges, the computer built into the PowerSafe Jump Start System prevents power from flowing through the jumper cables until it has confirmed that they’ve been connected correctly. The cables can be connected backwards, the leads can touch each other or another metal object, and electricity will not flow until the error has been corrected. Indicators on the computer module provide operators with guidance as to the error, speeding up the overall jump-start process.

In addition to the three 25-foot jumper cables with connector ends, the line of PowerSafe Jump Start Systems includes jumper cables in 16-foot and 20-foot lengths that are configured with clamps at both ends.

Energy Safe Technologies, Inc., the company behind the PowerSafe Jumper Cables, is currently working to develop a PowerSafe Battery Booster Box.

For more information about the PowerSafe Jumper Cables contact Ilyse Rothstein at 973-378-3281, e-mail