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Pittsburgh Parking Authority Uses Tow Truck, Dollies to Quickly Move Cars from Potential Flood Waters

Apr 15th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority, health using a tow truck and hand-operated dollies, viagra 60mg moved dozens of vehicles to higher ground Wednesday, April 13, as flood waters rose at the Monongahela Wharf parking lot, according to a news report.

The Wharf had opened to limited parking based on a river forecast that predicted the Mon would only barely surpass the 18-ft. threshold at which flooding starts. However, when revised forecasts showed the river rising faster and higher, the parking authority issued an email alert at 8:30 a.m. urging motorists to remove their vehicles by 4 p.m. A second alert 90 minutes later warned them to move their cars immediately, the report states.

The Director of Parking, Christopher Speers, and two co-workers used GoJak hand-operated dollies to lift several cars and roll them to higher sections of the lot while a tow truck pulled other vehicles out of harm’s way, according to the report. By 11:30 a.m., all vehicles were cleared of the danger flood area.

Parkers received a complimentary parking pass for the day.