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Philips LED Worklamps

May 25th, 2012 | By | Category: New Products

Philips Automotive Lighting North America just introduced a full range of LED Worklamps designed specifically for automotive service shops and professional service technicians. The LED Worklamps deliver a powerful, cool white, intense light in a compact, portable, ergonomic design.

While the Philips LED Worklamps’ light is brilliant, the lamps remain cool to the touch. The LED-powered lamps are require a fraction of the power used by conventional Halogen and fluorescent work lamps.

The new range incorporates three worklamp models: a Philips LED Penlight, an LED Inspection lamp with a 32.8-foot cable and an LED Inspection Lamp with a rechargeable docking station. The Philips LED Penlight has six long-lasting LEDs that project a cool, intense white light. The LED Inspection Lamp with 32.8 ft. cable has a slim design and 45 powerful LEDs producing a wide angle of illumination. The Philips LED Inspection Lamp 15 LEDs and is equipped with an integrated UV light for A/C leak detection.

Designed to hold up to demanding in-shop use, Philips LED Worklamps are resistant to water, dust, chemicals, and solvents. Unlike traditional lamps that can break if bumped or dropped, Philips lamps are robust and highly impact-resistant.

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