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Philadelphia Hearings over Towing Program Continue

Oct 28th, 2010 | By | Category: National News

The City Council hearings in Philadelphia continue to progress after feuding tow truck companies brought the need for a revised towing program to light, what is ed according to a news report.

The Council is holding hearings on how to improve the system for dispatching tow trucks to stranded drivers.

The city has had problems with multiple tow truck drivers arriving at the site of an accident, try even before officials arrive, the report states. Months ago, one tow truck driver was shot by a rival company driver over such an incident, causing the uproar and push for revision.

Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison says some tow truck drivers also circumvent the system by pushing disabled cars off to the side of the highway, because once a disabled car is on the shoulder, according to the current rotational towing program, operators are free to persuade the driver to agree to a tow, according to the news report.

At the latest hearing, Councilman Jim Kenney read a letter from an insurance company speaking of many overcharges by tow truck operators, the report states. He claims if there was a central storage facility for towed cars, it could resolve most of the problems.

The Council and Nutter Administration promise to fix the problem soon.