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Philadelphia Considers Using Parking Authority for City Tows

Nov 19th, 2010 | By | Category: National News

According to a news report, Philadelphia’s city council is considering using its Parking Authority tow trucks to respond to accidents. Following recent scrutiny of wreck chasing by private tow firms, the new policy proposal would have the Parking Authority oversee all city towing operations.

The proposal has come under fire by private towing firms that say costs for towing and storage will rise if the Parking Authority takes over. The Parking Authority will tow vehicles to their lots instead of the owner’s homes or body shops, towing firms say, increasing the cost of towing and storage for owners and insurance companies. This could mean more expensive insurance premiums for city motorists, the report said. The Parking Authority will also be able to determine if parking violations are owed on the vehicle, requiring owners to pay fines before retrieving their vehicles.

The city has been looking at measures to place more control over how tow trucks respond to accidents and city tows after incidents involving a tow truck operator shooting and towing company arson have received media attention. The television show “Wreck Chasers,” which profiles wreck chasing towing companies operating in the city, added to frustration of city officials, the report said.