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Philadelphia City Council Hears Testimony on New Restrictive Towing Bill

Oct 21st, 2010 | By | Category: National News

Philadelphia’s City Council heard testimony Wednesday, information pills Oct. 20, on a proposed bill that would regulate towing, according to a news report.

The bill is designed to end the deadly violence that erupted between two tow truck drivers in recent months. Many drivers race to accident scenes, and many fight over the job, the report states.

The new regulations would put them on a strict rotation, however, and prevent them from pressuring accident drivers to let them tow their vehicles to their own lots.

Instead, the bill would require cars to be towed to a neutral lot, the report states, giving drivers a chance to think about where they want their car towed for repairs. The Philadelphia Parking Authority impound lot has been suggested as the neutral space. Bill sponsor Jim Kenney says the Philadelphia Parking Authority lot is open 24 hours, making it a better choice then private lots.

Towing operators, however, say they’d have to go out of business without the revenue from daily storage fees, according to the report. Furthermore, they claim the bill requires all vehicles to be held in the Parking Authority lot until all outstanding tickets are paid, if the driver has any.

Councilman Kenney hopes to have the bill passed by the full council next month.