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Performing Other Duties

Jun 28th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Years ago when I worked at a bank, seek we were asked to write down everything we did during the day — including phone calls between fellow co-workers and outside calls. We were also asked to put a timeframe down on how long these tasks took. The reason behind this request was to get job descriptions for each employee.

Once this was done, viagra we were to write our own version of a job description for the work we performed. After this process, the job qualifications, essential duties and responsibilities were given to us. Our jobs were put on a scale of level entry and our pay was coordinated to that level.

I had to laugh as the last responsibility listed for my job stated: perform other duties as necessary or requested. I think that was the catch-all for telling me I was required to clean the bathrooms if it was deemed necessary or was requested. (By the way, I did clean bathrooms when I was a teller at a small branch office.)

I get where the company was coming from, but it backfired on them with regard to one of my co-workers. This co-worker only did what was in her job description. When she was done with her work, she didn’t ask any of the rest of us if we needed help. She called her mother, clipped coupons and I don’t know what she did on her computer. The word “teamwork” wasn’t in her vocabulary because it wasn’t in her job description.

Like everyone else in the towing industry, there are job duties I face every day that I don’t care to do or address, but the reality is, someone has to do them — like it or not. I know I sometimes get “the look” when I ask one of my employees to do something that isn’t in their job description, but I have to admit that for the most part, my team knows the meaning of teamwork. When you have a small towing company, everyone needs to pull their own weight — performing other necessary or requested duties — even if it means cleaning the bathrooms, helping me plant flowers, making another pot of coffee, catching a mouse or …