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Pennsylvania City Councilman Proposes Towing Ordinance, Towers Express Concerns

May 5th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

The York, check Pa., this site City Council is considering an ordinance to regulate towing and towing fees, according to news reports.

The ordinance would require towing companies to purchase licenses to operate in the city, and require operators to notify city police within one hour of towing a vehicle, providing a description of the vehicle and license plate number, a report states.

The ordinance, proposed by council member Henry Nixon, was introduced at the council’s May 3 meeting and not discussed. If the council decides to vote on passing the regulation, a vote would occur at a future council meeting.

The initial license fee for a company to operate in the city would be $750 for either a private or a public towing license. Those who wish to purchase both would pay $750 for the first license and $200 for the other for a total of $950. Annual renewal fees would be $400 for a single license and $700 for both.

A private license would be required for towing on private property. Operators who wish to solicit city business would need a public license. Predatory towing would be cut down because the ordinance would require property owners to request a vehicle be towed, according to reports.

The 17-page ordinance also sets forth requirements that tow trucks, equipment and operators must meet to be licensed.

One owner, Tobin Johnston of Intown Motors, said the ordinance was drafted without input from the industry and without regard to overhead costs, a report states. He and others are worried about the current wording of the ordinance and point out contradictions in different sections.

The ordinance can be viewed online at under the May 3 agenda meeting.