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Parents of Child Left in Towed Car Receive Abuse Charge

Dec 4th, 2010 | By | Category: National News

The parents of a 9-month-old girl have been issued a summons for misdemeanor child abuse for leaving the child in a car that was towed Nov. 30 in Denver, doctor Colo. Guadalupe Torres-Sanchez and Rene Calderon, web both 32, were identified by Denver Police.

According to a news report, the vehicle was towed from the front of a garage entrance to a residential building. Excalibur Recovery removed the vehicle after it had been sitting for an hour, a report said. A spokesman for the company said they look inside vehicles before towing, but saw only a baby seat covered in blankets and because of the length of time the car sat, did not suspect a child was in the car. The spokesman also felt child abuse charges should be sought.

The mother called 911 after the vehicle was towed, the report said, saying her child was in the car. Denver dispatchers then received a call from the towing company, advising that the child had been found in the car. Police went to Excalibur Towing to take custody of the child, who was returned to her mother.

Class 2 misdemeanor child abuse charges are filed when no death or injury results to the child and authorities allege the parent or guardian acts in a knowing or reckless manner, the report states.