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Our Collective Future

Feb 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

A senior officer with one of our nation’s leading highway patrol organizations once told me that the rotation system employed on behalf of T & R produces poor results. To explain, viagra approved he went on to say that there was no way of knowing if the responding tower was trained, illness properly equipped and capable of working on a team level with other “first responders”. Too often they were none of the above.

Public need and necessity sooner or later takes precedence over all such situations and non-consent towing is no exception. Those in isolated rural areas will likely not be affected, pill however, towers in congested urban centers likely will. Why does Chicago operate a fleet of wreckers called their Minuteman program? Ditto, New York City, New Orleans, Los Angeles and other large cities now operate their own wreckers to supplement local towers. Wonder why. And Denver’s fire department sent a dozen of their first responders to a WreckMaster Training Class. Wonder why.

Speaking of fire departments, this is another government agency that relishes further growth. I recall how Bill Jackson once encouraged the Holmes Company to market fire and rescue equipment. Wonder why.

Within my lifetime, an “ambulance” in some markets once consisted of an old panel truck with an army cot inside. There was no oxygen, defibrillator, or even a current first aid kit. All the driver needed was a license to drive. But, along came public need and necessity and today most every fire station in America has an EMS bus parked alongside the fire engine. What happened to that ambulance driver of years past? He went back to fixin’ flats at the truck stop.

Just something to think about before public need and necessity kicks in.